Name:(Disposable) Endoscopic Spray Catheter 
Usage: combined use with endoscope, spray catheter is used for spraying hemostasis medicine, stains and etc, and it can be also applied in conventional irrigation. 
1. Wide spray area and evenly distributed;
2. With two different tip designs, it can meet various clinical requirements.
3. Unique design of anti-twisting.
4. Single use, no trouble of re-cleaning.

Specification model Diameter(MM) Length(MM) Nozzle type Use range
VDK-ST-18-120-A 1.8 1800 Direct injection Bronchoscopy
VDK-ST-18-230-B 1800 Mist
VDK-ST-18-180-A 1800 Direct injection Micro endoscopy
VDK-ST-18-180-B 1800 Mist
VDK-ST-18-260-A 1800 Direct injection Enteroscopy
VDK-ST-18-260-B 1800 Mist
VDK-ST-23-180-A 2.3 2300 Direct injection Gastroscopy
VDK-ST-23-180-B 2300 Mist
VDK-ST-23-230-A 2300 Direct injection Colonoscopy
VDK-ST-23-230-B 2300 Mist


Spray Catheter
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