Product Model:VDK-KP


It is intended to be used in a Percutaneous Kyphoplasty, PKP procedures, to dilate vertebral body and form a cavum which is for injecting bone cement to recover and stabilize vertebral body.



1. With high-pressure resistance over 400psi, it can ensure the safety during application.

2. With a small diameter after folding, it can easily pass through the working channel.

3. With excellent returnability, it can be withdrawn from the working channel smoothly after use.

4. Innovative manufacturing technology of smooth-head makes dilation more adequate and effective.

5. Excellent customized service, we can provide services as per different requirements of clinical application.



Model Balloon Size(mm) Max Volume(cc) Working Channel(mm) Balloon pressure resistance (psi)
VDK-KP-10-A 10 4 3.65 400
VDK-KP-15-A 15 4 3.65 400
VDK-KP-20-A 20 6 3.65 400

Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheter
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