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Intended use

Compatible with endoscope, the device is indicated for clip placement within digestive tract for the purpose of mechanical pressure treatment of bleeding of small arteries and pulsation.


Rotatable clips design, offering a precise placement. 
Repeated opening and closing clips.
Innovational design of handle lock system and atraumatic tip, avoid damage to scope after releasing clips. 
Sensitive release system, easy to release the clips.

Model O.D(mm) Woking Length(mm) Clip opening (mm) Endoscope Channel (mm)
VDK-CD11-25-160 2.5 1600 11 ≥2.8
VDK-CD11-25-180 2.5 1800 11 ≥2.8
VDK-CD11-25-230 2.5 2300 11 ≥2.8
VDK-CD13-25-160 2.5 1600 13 ≥2.8
VDK-CD13-25-180 2.5 1800 13 ≥2.8
VDK-CD13-25-230 2.5 2300 13 ≥2.8

Endoscopic Hemoclip
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