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●Made by medical macromolecule, with proper rigidity.
●Equipped with 2 radiopaque marks on each bougie, easy to observe under X-ray.
●Various bougie sizes, meets different requirements.

Intended use

Used for dilatation of esophageal stenosis.

Model Bougie diameter (mm) Model Bougie diameter (mm)
VDK-05 5 JHK-13 13
VDK-06 6 JHK-14 14
VDK-07 7 JHK-15 15
VDK-08 8 JHK-16 16
VDK-09 9 JHK-17 17
VDK-10 10 JHK-18 18
VDK-11 11 JHK-19 19
VDK-12 12 JHK-20 20

Disposable Bougie Dilator
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