Disposable Biopsy Forceps (with spike, uncoated

Product modelVDK-FB

Intended use

Tissue sampling in digestive and respiratory tracts.


*Special sharpness treatment on cups, easier to sample.
*Innovational 4-bar linkage design, offering an excellent rigidness.
*Tiny interval between jaws, large occlusal force and outstanding fitness.
*Smooth jaws, effectively decrease the friction to working channel.
*Standard cups design with proper sampling capacity, small tissue harm.

Specifications Diameter(mm) length(mm) Characteristics(mm) Endoscopic Channel
VDK-FB-18-105-W-O 1.8 1050 uncoated, with spike 2.0mm
VDK-FB-18-110-W-O 1.8 1100 uncoated, with spike 2.0mm
VDK-FB-18-120-W-O 1.8 1200 uncoated, with spike 2.0mm
VDK-FB-18-160-W-O 1.8 1600 uncoated, with spike 2.0mm
VDK-FB-18-180-W-O 1.8 1800 uncoated, with spike 2.0mm
VDK-FB-18-230-W-O 1.8 2300 uncoated, with spike 2.0mm
VDK-FB-18-260-W-O 1.8 2600 uncoated, with spike 2.0mm
VDK-FB-23-160-W-O 2.3 1600 uncoated, with spike 2.8mm
VDK-FB-23-180-W-O 2.3 1800 uncoated, with spike 2.8mm
VDK-FB-23-200-W-O 2.3 2000 uncoated, with spike 2.8mm
VDK-FB-23-230-W-O 2.3 2300 uncoated, with spike 2.8mm


Disposable Biopsy Forceps

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