Intended Use

Used to clean endoscope channel, including biopsy channel, air and water channel.( Cleaning Brush - CB )


* Universal brush design ensuring cleaning full range of endoscopic channels. * Rounded brush tip enhancing passage through the scope channel and protecting the channel from damage. * Dual-ended brush available to utilize two clean brushes with one catheter pass. * Excellent price-performance-ratio.

Model Brush head diameter(mm) length(mm) Characteristics
VDK-CB-03-120-A 3 1200 disposable, single end, stainless steel shaft
VDK-CB-03-160-A 3 1600
VDK-CB-03-180-A 3 1800
VDK-CB-06-180-A 6 1800
VDK-CB-06-230-A 6 2300
VDK-CB-03-120-C 3 1200 disposable, double ends, plastic shaft
VDK-CB-03-160-C 3 1600
VDK-CB-03-180-C 6 1800
VDK-CB-03-230-C 6 2300
VDK-CB-E 11/5 160 used for cleaning vapor channel

Cleaning Brush
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