The problems related to needle injection are numerous: crying children, long periods of treatment, no therapy, or the wrong therapy. This often leads to serious sequel that burden the patient and the entire supporting infrastructure, such as health insurance companies and medication budgets.


Diabetic patient need to inject insulin regularly, most of it in daily basis. The conventional needled syringe injection brought FEAR to the patients since it invented 150 years ago. Those FEAR is discouraging the diabetic patient to carry out their daily essential treatment - insulin injection! The good news is the scientist has took away the NEEDLE from the conventional injection, and brought us the painless Needle FREE Injection System.


The working principle of the Needle Free System is injecting the liquid medication (e.g. insulin) under high pressure, to penetrate the subcutaneous fat tissue, without using a NEEDLE! It is ideal to the diabetes patient to do their own insulin therapy. The stream of insulin follow the path of least resistance, meaning that it does not penetrate the blood vessels, the nerve fiber or the bone substance.


The needle free injection technique is virtually painless. It is a very cost effective solutions where you won't need to manage your pain while injecting insulin. Even children will not afraid of insulin shots anymore with the injection without needle.


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Tips to Inject Insulin Without Pain - Needle Free Injection