Biopsy forceps are mainly carried out in the endoscopic examination process for tissue forceps in the lesion site. After the tissue is bitten off, the wound will be damaged and bleeding.


    So biopsy forceps generally require disinfection or sterilization.


    It seems everyone is infusion, injection in the 80 s with the glass syringes, and glass bucket, the repeated use of the needles, etc., these things are a patient, again for other patients after disinfection, if disinfection is not very easy to cause the cross infection thoroughly, especially the HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, etc.


    At present, the general use of disposable biopsy forceps is generally used in the three hospitals, one is to avoid the bad infection, and the other can reduce the workload of the nurses.


    There are many kinds of biopsy forceps, hard biopsy forceps and flexible biopsy forceps. The soft type is used again and again. The early days were mostly repetitive, and modern European and American countries began to use disposable. Can you be more specific?


    Our factory has 7 years of flexible biopsy forceps production experience, may be able to help the building owners.


    Supplement: early biopsy forceps is mainly hard, Germany Karl Storz company since 1945 to start producing, now to 1984, Japan Olympus began producing serene biopsy forceps, is what we are now common to hospital disposable biopsy forceps.


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The biopsy forceps compares which is better.