Fibromyalgia trigger point treatment usually always consists of massage.


It's a great choice, and a regular 'go to' therapy, not just for trigger point treatment, but to also soothe and tone down other Fibromyalgia symptoms.


However, sometimes persistent and stubborn trigger points require more than just massage to help them release. And sometimes, the most effect trigger point treatment involves needles.


Of course, there are not many people who enjoy the thought of needles. And rightly so, when most of us have experienced painful vaccinations as children, followed by another round usually in our early teens. And some of us even decide to endure the annual flu shot, which is well known for leaving an arm, aching, bruised, and enduring what's other wise known as 'dead arm'.






The most common non-injection Fibromyalgia trigger point treatment is acupuncture. This gentle healing method works with the meridians of the body to unblock stagnant energy, and promote the health and well being of organs.


It only uses a very thin needle that is usually inserted painlessly just under the surface of the skin. And between 30 and 40 needles can be placed just about anywhere, from the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms etc or wherever pain has been expressed.


The effects of these mild needles can actually be quite powerful, as only after a few moments the recipient is usually transferred in to a lovely state of relaxation as knots unwind, and the body s given the opportunity to restore itself.


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Learning To Love Needle Therapies for Fibromyalgia Trigger Point Treatment
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