After receiving his or her first injection, almost everyone harbors at least a slight fear of needles. The idea of such a thin and precise implement opening up one's body and putting something foreign into one's very blood is enough to make some people panic. In addition to this mental discomfort, most injections are accompanied by a sudden, quick, sharp pain. Children who receive injections for the first time are often unpleasantly surprised by the pain they experience, especially if the injection is administered with less-than-perfect skill and speed. This can lead to a phobia of needles later in life. Even for adults, it's often nerve-wracking to watch the needle advance towards the skin, to anticipate the jab of pain.


Fear Becomes Phobia


One or two unpleasant experiences with injections, especially among children of an impressionable age, can easily lead to a long-term phobia. Unpleasant experiences linger in the memory; indeed, they are far more likely to do so than pleasant ones. The mind has a propensity to take the memory of a painful experience at the doctor's and blow it out of proportion. Soon, the reality of the initial experience becomes displaced completely by the memory. The memory concentrates all the worst components of the initial experience: the fearsome appearance of the needle, the scowl on the nurse or doctor's face, the sudden, unprepared-for pain. Before long, the unhappy patient develops a powerful aversion to jabs and injections.


NLP And Hypnotherapy Help Conquer Patients' Fear Of Needles


NLP and hypnotherapy are some of the most effective ways to overcome specific phobias including the phobia of needles and injections. NLP, or "neuro-linguistic programming," is a system of ultra-effective communication culled from the practices of three of the most successful therapists of the 1970's.


The NLP therapist works from the assumption that your phobia manifests and expresses itself through a finite amount of repetitive thought patterns. With NLP, the therapist can teach you to grasp and recognize those thought patterns. Once you learn to recognize your phobic thoughts, your phobia begins to lose some of its mystery and irrationality.

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How to Overcome Fear of Needles, Jabs, and Injections