Going to the doctor is a trouble for many people as they fear the concept that if they go to a doctor then they may have to take an injection in order to resolve the sickness and only then they shall be fine. However to state the fact an injection in one's body is a truly proven way of getting cured and be healthy from any disease. Science has progressed and has made many medicines instead of the injections but these tablets take long periods of time to heal a person as compared to the recovery of a person from an injection. The pain at times is very bad and brings a very strange and scary feeling when one sees the size of the needle.


Many people are really scared of injections for the only reason that they fear that the injection needle may pierce their body and then they have to bear the pain. This fear of needles is not generated immediately in a person but is present with the person since the person is a child. As a child the person knows that the needle getting into the body is painful and as a child since the skin is more sensitive the pain is much higher and even when grown up one may still be scared as there may be a feeling that one may have to bear the same pain always.


The pain is the only basic reason why many people avoid taking injections and is completely fine with taking tablets and prolonging their sickness but do not want to try their luck with the injection. It is also studied that many doctors and even nurses are scared of infections i.e. to even give an injection/ shot to the patient. Many patients start a huge argument when the doctor turns them towards the only option of taking injections for their cure. Science has developed and this fear of injections is ending slowly but there are many people who are still very scared to take injections and do not wish to do the same as many of them have the phobia that while one is getting himself injected they may land up getting a puncture in their nerve and that this may lead them to death.

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