Endoscopy is known as a medical process which uses a fiber optic light and a tiny camera
The tool is passed through a small incision in the patients' body such as anus and mouth to see some different organs and parts inside the body. Then, the camera will project the images onto a large screen. It allows the doctor to view the parts of the body clearly.


Furthermore, endoscopy also enables the doctor to take the biopsies needed for future testing and to perform particular surgical procedures. Endoscopy has helped the surgeon revolutionized the way he perform his duties.


Endoscopic surgeries can be performed in some different ways. It needs some different instruments as well, such as scissors and forceps. It can be brought to the viewing area through another incision. During the surgery, the surgeon has the cutting tool inside the tube which is ready to cut ligament to release pressure on nerve which causes pain as well as constricted movement.

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