Part I: basic operation .Standard gastroscopy: Hosoi Mi, editor in chief

Japan endoscopic techniques have always been ahead of the curve, endoscopy of the classic books, mostly Japanese writing, the edited by fine well Dong San standard gastroscopy, from before the examination, ready to in various parts of the operating practices, photography, attention matters and biopsy techniques, review after the note, detailed introduces the various problems that may be encountered in do gastroscope, the necessary entry, strongly recommended!


The second part: theoretical knowledge

1 digestive endoscopy (Second Edition) - edited by Li Yinong and Lu Xinghua

The edited by shock and evaluation of two old timers of digestive endoscopy, general, new technology, studying the technology and endoscopic diagnosis of science and endoscopic therapy study 4 system, comprehensively describes the application of endoscopy in digestive diseases in various fields and new progress. The content includes the basic principle and structure of the endoscope, the various methods, diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of endoscopy in the different part of the digestive tract. The new technology and the technology being studied are also introduced.

Book is to learn from endoscopic theoretical knowledge of reading books, can be said to be endoscopic knowledge of general, so in this book as a theory of devaluation.

2 digestive endoscopy guidelines (Third Edition) - the Japanese Association of digestive endoscopy

This book belongs to the textbook published by the Japanese Society of digestive endoscopy, introduces the technical knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of digestive endoscopy, and the clinical application of standardized endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. Content including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, small intestine, ERCP, laparoscopy, emergency endoscopy, chromoendoscopy and, basically covers the needs of clinical application.

This book is a clinical guide for endoscopic physicians and related personnel, to provide practical and effective guidance for clinical work, so that you can make your daily routine work. Unfortunately, unlike English, the majority of people can not read the original, until the Chinese version appears, it may be slightly lagging behind.
The third part: special endoscopic
Endoscopic retrograde (ERCP) - H Baron Todd

ERCP in 3E, which belongs to the category of advanced endoscopic operation. This book by the famous American expert in digestive endoscopy Baron written by general, operation techniques and clinical problems to solve the method is composed of three parts. The characteristics of this book is the key technology of troubled endoscopists were to explain in detail, and clinical problem solving method is proposed based on a large number of examples and clinical practice, the contents of a detailed, and practical very good books, suitable for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) direction of the digestive endoscopists and cholestatic liver surgeons reading and learning.


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