Specific implementation mode

    Mainly includes the Angle adjustment wire 2, 1, endoscopic handle nut 4, screw 6, screw 6 installed on endoscopic handle 1 positioning hole 5, the limit slot in 4 in endoscopic handle nut 1 3, cooperate with screw 6, limit slot 3 in one end of the endoscopic handle 1 opening shaped surface, nut 4 located on the outer part of the endoscopic handle 1 limit slot opening position of the 3, Angle adjustment wire 2 and 6 screw connection. The screw 6 is parallel to the axis of the endoscopic handle 1. Between 6 and Angle adjustment screw steel wire 2 through 7 connection fittings, fittings for the plume, one end of the fitting 7 equipped with screw thread, screw 6 sets screw hole 8, 7 and 6 screw thread connection fittings, fittings on the other side of the 7 sets connected hole 9, fixed in the connection hole Angle adjustment wire 2 9.

    The locating hole 5 is located in the two sides of the axial direction of the limit slot 3. Bearings are arranged between the locating hole 5 and the screw 6. The width of the limit slot 3 ADAPTS to the width of nut 4. The utility model adopts the nut and screw 4 6 to solve the deficiency of the existing technology, match the nut and screw 4 6, toggle nut 4 drive screw 6 movement before and after, and then control wire connected to the screw Angle adjustment on 6 2, endoscopic Angle adjustment. Due to match the nut and screw 4 6 thread designed with self-locking function, making only through a nut 4 to control in the process of adjusting screw (6), and then control wire connected to the screw Angle adjustment on 6 2, nut 4 can be from the perspective of the external transmission to adjust the control of steel wire 2, there will be no Angle adjustment wire 2 due to the repeated use of excessive torque and reaction with screw 6, 6 retraction force screw, resulting in failure of endoscopic Angle adjustment mechanism, appear Angle adjustment wire 2 idle phenomenon.


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A method for adjusting the Angle of an endoscope